We started our mission in professional sound reinforcement more than 48 years ago.
It was back in the late Fifties the founder Parviz Yousefipour started to build his first amplification systems under the name SENPERINI .

In 1963 he introduced the first  four-channel powered mixer incorporating a 200W tube power amplifier and  magnetic tape delay .

The ECHO CHANG trademark and logo, the same you still find on today’s products, were designed and introduced in 1979.
Our goal has always been to satisfy the needs of today’s music makers. We bring you quieter,
more  versatile mixers, higher fidelity speakers with more reach, and amplifiers  that pack more clean power.

Be it a loudspeaker, Amplifier, Powered mixer, Microphone and …….. , you tell it, if it’s ECHO CHANG you can depend on it.
Professional users have always been our most effective advertising campaign.